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About Berlynn Spencer

Berlynn Spencer is an Independently Published Author of Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Otherwordly Creature stories and Psychological Thrillers

Greetings and welcome to my page.  As you already know, I am an Independently published author of BDSM Erotica, Fetish, Otherworldly creature thrillers and erotica, twisted Paranormal romance, psychological thrillers and straight up horror.

Regardless of how long I have been writing, I change, I evolve and I embark on so many new things all the time that you really never know what I will be writing about or what twist the story will take. You just have to take a chance on a story and see what will happen.

My roots were originally in erotica only.  But as my life experiences have changed and expanded, so have my writing genres.

I don’t make it pretty. I don’t make it perfect. There is truth and lies, pain and suffering amidst the pleasure that brings the feelings of life back into focus. There is no rich person saving or subjecting a person to some kind of new life in my erotica. Just honest normal people in my stories.  There are far more normal men and women in this world looking to find love or passion than billionaires.

After years of writing short stories and never sharing them with anyone, I thought that maybe it was about time I did.  Embarking on my first novel was a challenge and I loved every moment of it.

My Prey series is a BDSM Erotica trilogy based on entering the NYC Fetish BDSM night life in the early part of the 21st century. Kiera is a jaded 20 something year old bisexual woman who has been cheated on by her husband, rejected for her desires to be dominated in the bedroom and hurt by her lack of reliable friends and family.  She finds her way into the NYC fetish club scene by seeking a Dominant that can make her feel anything other than the pain that her reality has given her.  After stumbling into a restaurant with a BDSM theme, she not only sees and meets the Dom of her dreams but is stalked and victimized by a vengeful ex of the Dom as well as a few of his submissives that don’t take well to being dismissed.

The Prey Series is available for purchase on Amazon.

My Trials series, is a spin off from the Prey Series and is also a BDSM Fetish Erotica trilogy, which is in the works currently. This trilogy goes deeper into the tumultuous relationship between Gabriel and Kiera.  Can their attraction and blossoming relationship survive the characters that are hellbent on tearing them apart? How much can either of them take of all the endless fighting, sexual tension building between the outsiders and will Kiera finally give in or will she give up?

Paranormal Romance novel, Road to Nowhere, (Release date March 1, 2017) is about a young woman, Stacy, who has been tormented by dreams that are both premonition and warning! In her happiest dreams, she is married to a dark featured man and has two beautiful children.  When in reality she is nothing more than a homeless girl sleeping in a car hoping to find a way to get her life back after losing her parents.  When her dreams start showing a darker side of what she can encounter, will she heed the warnings or will she stay the course to ruin?
Cassiel is an Otherwordly creature erotic thriller.  A 17 year old girl is torn from her home town and brought to Las Vegas, where due to her deep depression, she finds herself seeking comfort from people that are dangerous and mysterious.  Her long distance boyfriend can tell something is wrong when the calls and letters stop.  Her new “friends” are dragging her into a lifestyle that she cannot live.  When her 18th birthday comes, her gift is in the form of a pregnancy.  The problem is, the baby is not human! What will she choose? Will she join her new “family” or will she give up her baby?
And finally Mother is the story of a woman who is standing trial for the murder of the father of her children and several women who have wronged them.   Written from the perspective of a psychology student interviewing her, the story recounts the events, the emotions and the murders.  But one thing that finally comes out in the course of the interview is the involvement of her sons……..
There are countless ideas that float in my mind daily. Will they all be written? Maybe.
I guess only time will tell.
But for now, today, take a chance on a new book in the same genre that you normally read but just remember that I did say that my books aren’t frilly, froofy and lovey dovey. Raw, sometimes shocking, and often times simply captivating you to pull you into a world that you can only dream of.
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